Some channels won't load at all

  • If some channels won't play, there is a chance that they are blocking their broadcast in countries other than Greece. Some channels, such as Open, require a Greek IP in order to work. In that case, you can always use a VPN and try again.
  • If there are still streams that won't play, there is always a chance that they are broken. Netnix is a best-effort service and is not responsible for any technical issues regarding the provided streams. Also, some channels may stop their broadcast for any reason. Netnix will not provide any illegal or pirated streams as an alternative.

All I see is "We interrupt this programm for a commercial break", etc.

  • This is becase some channels do not broadcast part of their content online. You can always try to watch that particular channnel later. Again, Netnix will not provide any illegal or pirated streams as an alternative.

How can you support Netnix?

  • You can support Netnix just by starting your next Amazon purchases from our widget. There are no additional fees or charges by starting your Amazon purchases from Netnix! That way, through the Amazon Associates Program, Netnix earns a small commission for qualifying purchases and that helps up to keep maintaining it.

What does it cost me to start an Amazon purchase from Netnix?

  • There is ZERO additional cost to any purchases you start from the Amazon widget in Netnix. By starting an Amazon purchase from Netnix, you directly support Netnix via the Amazon Associates Program, without costing you anything!

What is the Amazon Associates Program

  • The Amazon Associates Program is one of the largest associates networks in the world that helps website owners monetize their traffic. With millions of products to choose from on Amazon, Amazon Associates use link-building tools to direct their usersto products and earn from qualifying purchases.
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