Netnix has been created to act as a simple "TV set" for the convenience of its users, giving them the option to easily find and change TV channels, without having to switch to different websites.

Netnix only acts as an aggregator of live streams that are being offered for free from their official websites.

Netnix does not host any copyrighted content or any live streams on its server.

Netnix offers nothing more than just a free web video player that plays open, free, live streams streams that have been automatically being sourced by the IPTV project: https://github.com/iptv-org/iptv

The IPTV project repository and by extension, Netnix, simply contain user-submitted links to publicly available video stream URLs, which to the best of their knowledge have been intentionally made publicly by the copyright holders.

Netnix does not claim any copyrights. All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

If any of the streams infringe on the rights of a copyright holder, they may be removed by sending an email at: [email protected] to immediately remove the stream source from the Netnix database.

Netnix reserves the right to remove any live streams at any time and without any notice.

Netnix does not have any responsibility for the contents of the live streams.

Netnix provides live streams only on a best-effort basis.

Netnix is not responsible for any potential technical issues or any broken streams.

Netnix by any means does not sell or rent the content of the live streams it provides.

Netnix is not intended for any commercial use, but it is for personal use only.

Netnix is a service provided free of charge.